PCBs with picture punch – give your PCBs visual impact and boost product sales. Use Eurocircuits’ new PCB PIXture function to print a graphic image on your PCB without affecting performance or function.

PCB PIXture – personalizing your PCB

Personalize your PCBs and make them stand out from the crowd. Use PCB PIXture for

  • front panels
  • keyboards
  • visible electronics in transparent cases
  • pre-assembled PCB modules,
  • high-impact media and social technologies
  • educational and consumer electronics

anywhere where the distinctive appearance of your PCB will be a powerful selling point.

Personalization is straightforward. Choose your image or logo (JPEG, PNG …), choose whether you want the image printed in black/white soldermask or in gold, upload the image and PCB PIXture does the rest.

PCB PIXture is the latest in our series of innovative smart tools developed to help designers optimize their PCB layout workflow:

  • smart menus enhance manufacturability and help cut costs
  • visualisation tools pinpoint any DRC errors to avoid delayed deliveries
  • interactive tools fine-tune production data so that boards are delivered exactly as required.

As well as PCB PIXture, the interactive tools include the Marking Editor which can be used for simpler board add-ons (QR codes, special texts and line-drawn logos).

Order poolingPCB PIXture is now a standard option in our order pooling service. We have recently prepared a BLOG on PCB pooling, what it is, how it works and what is its history.

Technical blogs

Some recent highlights:

  • What about UL? What is UL (Underwriters Laboratory) marking, what does it mean and what does it measure?
  • Create your own panel . How to build a custom delivery panel on screen, or view Eurocircuits panels before ordering (plus “How to ..” videos)
  • RF pool – insights and details . The latest update introduces new materials for lower cost RF development solutions.

We have an on-going program of technical papers, but if there are particular topics on which you would like us to produce a blog, please email your usual sales contact or euro@eurocircuits.com.