We have developed our user interface and our manufacturing technology to produce the right prototype or small batch PCB on the right day and at the right price. But we still need to ensure that it reaches you fast, reliably and cost-effectively.

How do we ship?


PCBs are shipped by courier from our factories in Hungary and Germany or from our shipping hub in Belgium.

The new user interface offers two shipping options: Express for use when time is critical and Economy when price is critical. For most parts of Europe. Express shipment means that the boards are delivered during the next working day in accordance with the courier’s local arrangements. In more remote areas delivery may be on the second day after shipment. Economy delivery means that within Europe the boards reach you 3 working days after they leave our factory. Transport times outside Europe are dependent on local conditions and local customs procedures. Email to for more information on shipping to your country.


1. To track your shipment, go to Running orders, select the order you want to track and click Track your package.

2. The couriers do not offer a Saturday service. This means that boards which leave our factory on Friday by the Express service will be delivered on Monday (or Tuesday in remote areas).

3. In our terminology delivery date means the date we ship to you, not the date that the boards will arrive with you.

4. If no Economy service price is shown, this means that the Economy price is less than 5% different from the Express price.


Our equipment (eC-stencil-mate and eC-reflow-mate) is too heavy and too bulky to be shipped by courier. It is packed on a pallet and shipped by truck. The shipping costs are shown online at check-out. Please email us at when you place your order to find out when the equipment will reach you. This will depend on your location. Within Europe about a week is average. We no longer offer these products outside Europe.

Shipping costs for PCBs.

Our users have told us that they need to know the shipping costs for their job when they place their orders. This is especially important for larger companies where the invoice price has to match the order price exactly. To achieve this we now calculate the shipping cost at the time of order, rather than at the time of shipment.

How does this work?

To order a single job, just proceed to checkout and the correct price will be shown.

If you want to order several boards at the same time for shipment to the same destination on the same day, make sure that they are all in your shopping basket. Select (tick) all the jobs you want to order together and proceed to checkout. Our system will calculate and display a single shipping cost for the whole order based on the total weight.

This will not change:

  1. If we ship the boards from different factories. Currently we charge separately for each shipment.
  2. If for internal reasons we decide to ship by Express although you have ordered Economy. You still pay the Economy price.
  3. If for internal reasons we ship the boards on different days, for example if one job is shipped early or, exceptionally, is delayed by our production. Currently we would charge per shipment. In the exceptional case that the boards are delayed by our production we will always ship by Express even if you ordered Economy. You would still pay the Economy price. This does not apply if the order is delayed by an exception, if the technical parameters of order are modified after check-out, or if you subsequently ask us to ship part of the order to a different address.
  4. If we have to ship a job in two batches as part has had to be remade. This is the same as today: we don’t charge shipment for remakes.


1. You have up to midnight Central European Time to place your order for the next day to be manufacturing Day 1.

2. Stencils and eC-consumables (e.g. eC-stencil-fix) ordered at the same time as PCBs come under the same rules. We quote one price for the whole consignment, even if we ship the goods separately.

3. Elektor boards have special fixed transport prices and cannot be combined with PCBs.

4. Shipping costs for boards ordered separately will always be charged per order. They cannot be merged retrospectively with other orders.

5.If the technical specification of a job is modified after checkout or an exception is raised, the shipping cost will be recalculated as a separate order. This doesn’t apply if you just ask us to make an administrative change like adding a purchase reference.