It has been a while since we posted newsitems here. A complete new module for Eurocircuits customers was implemented, We started the implementation for Eurocircuits, Elektor PCB Service as well as Element 14 PCB Service in May. By now ( October 2013) the system is stable and all orders from Eurocircuits channels are processed through the new PCB Configurator.

Dirk Stans, managing partner marketing sales of Eurocircuits states :

PCB Configurator – visualised ordering saves time and cuts costs.

“How can we make the ordering process faster, safer and simpler for our customers?  How can we present them with the widest choice of technologies, deliveries, quantities and prices so that every order is optimised to their requirements?”.  These are some of the questions we asked ourselves when we started to redesign our user interface.

We made changes to our service structure (our blog about the new services).  We made changes to our pricing structure (logic behind our new pcb price calculator).  But we also introduced powerful new features into the ordering process itself.

Read the full text in the PCB Configurator blog on the Eurocircuits website (PCB Configurator for Eurocircuits)