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Solder Paste Editor – another smart tool available in your customer account

It has long been established that the quality of your assembled product has many influencing factors, design layout, material quality, component accuracy etc but many process engineers will argue that the first process is the most critical, the Solder Paste application.

For many years now we have offered our customers Solder Paste stencils, the layout of these being created by your CAD package or we create the paste layer during the data preparation stage and providing accurate paste to PCB application using both our eC-stencil-FIX and eC-stencil-mate.

Until now this has been effective, but as we design with more and more fine pitch and odd shaped components the more critical this Solder Paste application process becomes, requiring further need for control over the Solder Paste apertures themselves.

For this reason, our clever developers at Eurocircuits have extended our PCB Visualizer toolbox, enabling you to resize, offset, add or delete and split paste apertures across the design with an easy to use Solder Paste layer editor.

Why not take 4 mins and let Wim, our head of development, guide you through the new Solder Paste layer Editor below

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