The Dynamic Process Format (DPF) information is part of Ucamco’s JOB database structure.

Each JOB contains references to one or more of these data files.

(Ucamco, formerly Barco ETS, is a manufacturer of laser plotting systems and digital workstations for printed circuit board

DPF is a data format developed by Ucamco and it represents the layer information of a Printed Circuit Board.

This format not only describes the image of the layer such as pads, tracks, holes, power and ground planes but also includes electrical net
list information as well as additional product information represented with attributes.

It was developed especially for the Electronics Manufacturing industry it offers a variety of powerful features such as:

  • embedded aperture definitions
  • reverse objects
  • contour for outline description
  • block apertures to represent Step & Repeat items.

More information about this data format can be found on the Ucamco website:

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