The PCB Configurator is part of the Eurocircuits PCB Visualizer and allows you to select the correct parameters for the manufacture of your PCB, from these parameters a price will be available instantly.


It consists of 9 sections:

  1. Title and Units
  2. Select a Service
  3. Basic PCB Parameters
  4. Panel
  5. Stencils
  6. Materials
  7. PCB Definition
  8. Technology
  9. Advanced options

PCB-Configurator Section

There are 3 ways in which you can use the configurator.

Upload Data with Full Analysis (recommended)

The PCB parameters will be extracted from the data during the analysis and the relevant PCB Configurator parameters will be automatically updated.

Using full analysis gives to most accurate pricing but still allows you to change parameters in the PCB Configurator as necessary to meet your requirements.

Upload Data with Basic Analysis

The board size and number of layers will be extracted from the data and these parameters will be updated in the PCB Configurator.

All other parameters for the PCB must be manually updated in the PCB Configurator to have a price that represents the PCB design.

Also, a basic graphical representation of the board will be created from the data for reference purposes only.

No data

Simply manually input the basic parameters and select/change any other parameters as necessary.


  • Change in parameters or including additional options may change the price and Lead time for your PCB(s).
  • When changing a parameter or selecting an option a coin symbol Gold Coin may appear next to the parameter/option, this indicates that there a price increase by selecting this parameter/option. The more coins 3 Gold Coins the more the price will increase.

The Symbol

Beside most of the parameter labels there is a  and when you hover you mouse over this a short description of the parameter appear with a selectable More info link.

Click on the More info link for more information on the parameter.