Input Data Formats


Below are the Input Data formats that we are able to accept.

Accepted Native CAD formats (preferred):

Alternatively provide a data set containing:


Artwork means all copper layers, soldermask and legend layers, board outline or mechanical layer, SMD paste layers, carbon layers, peel-off layers, etc.

  • Gerber X2 (only true drill data not as a drill map) (Preferred)
  • Gerber X1 (only true drill data not as a drill map)
  • XNC
  • Excellon 2 or 1
  • Sieb&Meyer
  • DPF


If Gerber is provided, please also provide a Gerber Job file (information on Gerber Job and a download link for the Gerber Job Editor can be found here).

XNC is a new and updated numeric drill format and is an improved version of Excellon with  better documentation, for more information please click here.

A free to use online Gerber viewer is available from Ucamco - here.

Please ensure that any instruction or specification files are in ASCII format.

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