eC-reflow-mate v4 Promotion


Have you ever needed to build a prototype PCB at the last minute, the first one failed but you’ve identified the problem and with a small manual modification to the circuit on your spare PCB you could prove it works!

The problem is soldering the components to the PCB, you could send it out but that would take time and as time-to-market is critical it’s would be faster and easier to do it in-house, but how?

Eurocircuits are all too aware of this problem and that’s why we developed our range of compact Benchtop PCB Assembly equipment, designed to give you the flexibility when you most need it, at that critical point in your development process.

The range of eC-equipment developed by Eurocircuits allows you to take a bare board and assemble it easily in house, there is even a hand held functional tester available, the eC-test-mate.

We have launched a promotion for our best seller the eC-reflow-mate oven.

The eC-reflow-mate oven gives an even temperature across the board with full user control throughout the soldering process.

It is controlled by the eC-reflow-pilot software which allows the user to define and store an unlimited number of temperature and time profiles, it also allows for the monitoring of the exact process for each board.

Separate sensors can be used to measure and display the temperature profile on the actual board.

It is a great solution for your in-house benchtop assembly requirements.

Order the eC-reflow-mate now and combine it with any additional eC-equipment and receive a 10% Discount on these items. This discount will also apply to any other Off the shelf items (we have a range of accessories and consumables available) that are checked out at the same time (as in one order).

Below is the full range of our eC-equipment, just click on the links to find out more.

This promotion will run from now until 31-07-2019.

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