The Assembly process requires a data set for the PCB production plus BOM & CPL data.

For Input data requirements for the PCB production process, please see this.

BOM (Bill Of Materials)

lists all the different parts for a single PCB. This file defines the parts by Description, MPN (manufacturers part number), SPN (suppliers part number) and cross references it to the Reference Designators (R1, C2, IC3 etc) on the PCB. Of each part there may be one or more components placed on the board.

It is also known as the Parts List.

The CPL (Component Placement List)

This file specifies the exact position, rotation and on which side of the board each component reference designator needs to be populated.

Alternative names for the CPL file are Pick and Place file, Centroid file, XY file or Position file.

Upload these files

The guides on how to upload these files to the PCBA Visualizer can be found in the links below.

Upload BOM Data

Upload CPL Data

Eurocircuits Preferred Component Suppliers and Eurocircuits Generic Parts

You are looking for functionality when deciding on a component. But just as important are the reliability, the solderability and the delivery options of the component. The supplier of the component plays a major role in this.

Over the years Eurocircuits has established an expertise with which component suppliers do well. We have put them in a list of preferred suppliers in order of importance to us.

It can be useful to look for your components among the suppliers in this list.

Generic parts. In order to give us maximum flexibility in finding the right and cheapest electronics parts for you, it is advisable to define as many generic parts as possible in your BOM list. You can find our list of generic resistors and capacitors here.

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