1.  There are two routes to get a price and place an order:

Two routes to calculate a PCB price

  • calculate your price, then upload and let PCB Visualizer check your data
  • let PCB Configurator analyse your data and fill out the pricing menu, then get your price

2.  Price matrix output

Customer defined price matrix

  • our price calculator automatically presents different quantities on the same delivery and on faster delivery – so you can see best price/quantity/delivery options
  • you can add your own matrix by clicking Customized matrix.

3.  Smart menus

Smart menu indicating price influence of options

  • check that the options chosen are manufacturable.  If not the system gives a clear warning and explanation, for example that 0.1 mm tracks and gaps are not compatible with 35 micron copper foil, or 6 layer boards are not available on a 2 day delivery
  • advise cost options which increase price using the one coin icon
  • warn when you pick a non-poolable option by showing the two coin icon
  • to see the details in each case: hover your mouse over the coin symbol

Smart menu showing technology conflicts

4.  Standard delivery times

  • standard delivery times depend on the size (area) of the order.  Longer than standard deliveries for each size do not change the price.
    • orders up to 50 dm² -> 7WD
    • orders up to 300 dm² -> 10WD
    • orders up to 1.000 dm² -> 15WD

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