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From Portugal to the World, established by engineering students from Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, Técnico Solar Boat was born in 2015 and it is a unique team in the Iberian Peninsula.


The team of Técnico Solar Boat works together on the development of manned competition vessels powered exclusively by solar energy and hydrogen in an open-source mode, gladly providing information about our prototypes.

The contribution and commitment of every team member, the hard work and dedication we put on this project every season, combined with the knowledge we have been acquiring, allow us to proudly say that we have currently finished three solar-powered boat prototypes as well as our first hydrogen powered vessel.

Apart from our main responsibility, which is promoting renewable energies, sustainability, and electric mobility, we participate in international competitions held in The Netherlands, Monaco and Portugal. These participations and its preparation play a very important role in our season every year and motivate us to constantly improve and test new limits.

We are delighted to say that 2019 was the debut year of our second solar-power prototype – SR02 – a lighter, faster, and more efficient boat, with which we have reached a prominent position worldwide! We competed with 34 teams from 14 different nationalities and took 2nd place on the podium (A-class) in a race that took place in Monaco.

As for everyone else, 2020 was an unexpected year for us due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, competitions were moved to an online format, in which we won the Innovation Prize with our Hydrogen Prototype, nevertheless we did not demotivate! To overcome the situation, we decided to start our own event, Odisseia TSB. This way we finished the season traveling along the coast and doing some crossings in Portugal. It was a great opportunity to expose our boat to the whole country. As a result of Odisseia’s success, in September 2021 we are going to organise a second edition, this time in the Madeira archipelago!

This year we organised and participated in the first ever Portuguese Solar Challenge, in partnership with the event Water – World Forum For Life. We competed with 5 international teams and we proudly got a fantastic 2nd place with our new solar boat, SR03 which we developed during the cross of this season.

As a matter of fact, none of these achievements would be possible effortlessly. We try to make the majority of the boats’ components ourselves and thus, our electronic department is constantly designing manufacturing and assembling PCBs, not only for the electrical systems of the boat, but also for testing everything before integrating it on the boat.


Having the possibility of counting on the support of Eurocircuits as one of our sponsors will help us aim for the best results in every competition we participate!

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