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We process over 400 data sets a day for our customers. Front end data preparation is a critical stage of the process to ensure that the data we receive reflects what the designer had in mind, that it is manufacturable and that all requirements are fulfilled.

There are many CAD systems available on the market which are designed to provide Gerber data required to make your PCB’s. However one of the problems we often see with the data provided and which leads to delays and back and forth communication is ambiguous data labelling and missing data, this will be the difference between getting what you want, when you need it or not.

We have worked in the past to provide Design Rule Templates for Altium and Eagle which is a simple and effective way to guide you to producing the most cost effective design layout. In addition to this we developed our PCB Visualizer interface to directly utilise the container format from Eagle (*.BRD), this is a structured output which removes any ambiguity regarding layer structure, board outline and many other features which may normally require us to get clarification from you, additionally, every required layer is included (if you knew how many times we receive data without the drill file for the holes).

You will now be pleased to know that we have opened these benefits to KiCAD users by providing the possibility to Upload directly to PCB Visualizer the . kicad-pcb files, this is an encapsulated file format containing all the data required, with logical layer naming and ordering ensuring no misinterpretation or additional clarification.

Your can find more information here on what KiCAD-PCB provides and how you can configure this output.

If you have any questions about this or any other service please feel free to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. Try out our online chat!


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