Use PCB Configurator to calculate the production parameters of your job prior to pricing

Select analyse your data

  • select Analyse your data option in Service overview
  • fill in the job administrative details in the next menu and click ContinuePCB Visualizer will analyse the data.
  • go to Shopping basket and select the job.
  • open PCB Visualizer to check the data.  Use PCB Checker to pinpoint any data issues.  If you decide to change your data, open PCB Configurator, click Ignore all, then Modify basket.  Attach the corrected data file in the next menu and click Continue.  PCB Visualizer will recheck the data and you can proceed.
  • if the data is good open PCB Configurator.  The same Price calculator menu as above appears but PCB Configurator has filled in the values of process parameters measured.  Note that PCB Visualizer/Configurator analyse the Gerber files only.  Features like slots and cut-outs defined in mechanical layers etc. should be added manually at this stage.
  • enter your other production requirements and select the most suitable combination of quantity, delivery and price as above.
  • click Modify basket to update the job details.
  • get offer or place order.

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